Sure… you can have a party, invite a bunch of people,
put out some food and drinks.
But what about turning that party into something special?
How about turn your gathering into an event and showcase a theme,
a color scheme, a holiday, a season, something memorable;
that sets your party apart from the last twelve parties
that your guests have attended.
Let your imagination wander... get creative…
hop online for ideas…read magazines…
talk to people… let your hair down… throw caution to the wind!
Once you’ve established a theme, let’s brainstorm.
How can we create a theme party? 
Let’s start with the invitation…drop a hint…
give the party a special name…
use an appropriate card or stationery…
lay the groundwork with your guests so they begin to recognize
that this isn’t any  ordinary party…
they are invited to a special event!
Okay, now let’s plan a menu to complement your theme...
pick clever foods that play into the theme…
give the foods fun names…
develop appropriate décor…
use unexpected props to display the foods…
create a signature beverage…a fanciful favor...
wear clothes that play up the theme. Sound difficult?
Not really... it’s like putting together a puzzle…
everything needs to fit… here’s what we mean!
Theme:  "On the Wild Side"
Invitation:  Store bought or handmade using zebra stripes and leopard spots
“For the Birds” station featuring variations of chicken, turkey, gourmet popcorn
“Meat Lovers” station showcasing beef on kimmelweck and pork barbecue
“Watering Hole” offering beverages and signature drinks,
and more (can’t give away all our secrets!)
Wild Animal Print Fabric for table toppers and accents, bird cages, bamboo, baskets,
“play animals,” palm and banana leaves, and more (the sky is the limit)
Take-home Favor:
Rainforest Crunch Mix…banana chips, nuts, dried fruit individually packaged
Doll-up with a giraffe print or tiger stripe top or scarf…
let them wonder why your outfit is “wild.”
Stand back and wait for lots of kudos for your creativity and planning.


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