Stuff your caterer needs to know

Don’t worry, we won’t hold you to everything.

Before we can answer many of your questions we will probably need to know more about your event.

If you don’t know the answers, just make something up (kidding).

Guesstimates are fine to start with.


The Boring Stuff

What day is your event?

What’s the occasion?

What time does your event begin and end?

How many guests are you inviting?

What is the minimum guest count you are comfortable guaranteeing?

How many guests do you think will attend?

Who are the guests? (friends, family, colleagues, kids, adults)

How will traffic flow?

Will everyone arrive at once and stay or will guests come and go?

Where is the event going to be held?

Will disposables (plates, napkins, flatware, etc.) be appropriate or do you need china?

The “Meat & Potatoes” a.k.a. The Menu

(ha, ha – see what we did there)

Do you want to serve a meal or just hors d’oeuvres?

(Please consider the time frame of the event!) If the event is during a meal period,

you should be serving enough food for a meal.

Like it or not, folks are gonna be hungry.

Don’t fret though, a meal doesn’t mean your budget has to fly out of the window

and it doesn’t mean everyone has to sit down!

Is there any type of food you must have... is there any food you must not have?

Beverages... to serve alcohol or not to serve alcohol... that is the question!

(when it comes to beverages – that’s all that really matters to start with)


You knew it was coming…

 What’s the budget?

Do we need to know? No, not necessarily but it will certainly make our job easier

and the process much more efficient.

Don’t be afraid to share – we are not out to get you.

Low ball if it makes you happy.  At least we will have a starting point. 

If the proposal comes in low we can always beef things up (ha ha, we did it again).

We really want to give you the best value for your budget and spend your money where it makes sense. We have years and years of experience planning events.

Why not benefit from our expertise? That’s what we get paid for.

The Fun Stuff

Do you have a theme, color scheme, décor plan?

If not, it’s ok - just thought we would ask so this isn't such a mundane task.

 Now you are ready (YAY!!!!), give us a call  585 467 4400

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