You guessed it!
Tasteful Connections is fortunate to have a diverse staff of
fun-loving and fun-creating individuals.
We can't help ourselves.
We work very hard, but we also like to have a good time.
We deal with food 24/ can it not be fun?
We enjoy a challenge and are a bit competitive.
We love to learn and improve.
We thrive on knowing what's going on in our community and
participating in as many events as possible.
We like to shake it up from time to time.
We like to keep it fun and interesting.
We have learned to love to network.
People inspire us. Challenges inspire us. Making a difference inspires us.


 From experimenting with new recipes in our test kitchen to sampling
Finger Lakes wines on the wine trail,
from testing the inflatable slide at a kid's party
to competing in the local dodgeball fundraising tournament,
from developing a 28th flavor of fudge to
developing a 54th hand-passed horsd'oeuvres,
from taking the train to NYC to attend the National Food/Restaurant Show
to flying to Las Vegas to participate in the annual Catering Convention,
from scooping ice cream in the broiling sun, 
to grilling chicken on a snowy, subzero Rochester day,
from dressing up in costume for a catered theme party
to trudging through the mud during a rainy wedding season,
to hosting networking events in our
commercial kitchen to donating meals,
to the local missions and soup kitchens,
from weekly shopping at the downtown public market,
to sponsoring our local farmer's market,
from catering an extravagant soirée on the roof
of the downtown YMCA,
to catering a wedding in the middle of a barnyard,
from taking a wreath making class at the local florist,
to teaching an entertaining class at a nearby school,
from Secret Santa gift exchange to providing
Christmas gifts and food to our local Community Cupboard,
to dressing up in a bridal gown at our booth at the bridal show
or a French's mustard bottle
to acquiring new uniforms when we get bored,
to loving what we do and doing what we love!
Get to know know us is to love us!
Enjoy the pictures of our staff doing what they do best....Meet Our Peeps
Having a good time and helping others have a good time....Playing Dress Up
Click for a giggle or two....Random Acts Of Silliness Or Getting Around Town

To learn more about how Tasteful Connections Catering can help make your next catered affair an event to remember, get in touch today. We can be reached by phone at 585-467-4400 or via email through our website’s secure contact form.