Catering Pricing

At Tasteful Connections we pride ourselves on the VALUE that we offer.
It's not always about is about VALUE!!!
There is value in calling a caterer that answers their phone.
There is value in calling a caterer that is willing to listen to your ideas.
Ask questions and then offer their expertise. There is value in calling a caterer that
has a comprehensive, current website complete with menus and yes, pricing!
There is value in hiring a caterer that comes with glowing references and experience.
There is value in hiring a caterer that is efficient, organized, quick to respond and
accessible. There is value in hiring a caterer that operates legitimately, carries
appropriate permits and insurances and stays up-to-date on changes from the
labor board, health board and IRS. There is value in hiring a caterer
that does what they say they will do, when they say they will do it.
We all know that time equates to money.
Your time, your money...our time, our money.
That's why we excel in assisting you as you plan your event with an informative
phone call, an exchange of e-mails, possibly a tour and tasting of our facility and
a site visit. That's it...we keep it simple, we get to the point! We provide professional
e-mailed proposals with pricing and all details itemized so that you know what costs
what. We encourage that you compare "apples to apples" as you research caterers.
All caterers are not created equal and it is critical that you know what you are getting,
what you are paying for, and that that your expectation is very clear so that you don't
suffer any disappointments the day of the event.
We all eat out, we all buy groceries, we've all entertained at one level or another.
Clearly entertaining is not cheap!  Sometimes sticker shock equates to hearing
the meal price for one person, then multiplying that price by the 125 guests that you
have invited. If the price quote seems too high, you have two choices.
One, change the menu. Two, invite less people.  We're okay with either choice.
What we're not willing to do is to lessen the quality of our food or service
to accommodate an unrealistically low budget. 
Our clients always wonder how we plan food quantities. It's actually done
mathematically. We have studied what people eat, we have observed the volume
of food that they consume, we factor in the time of the party, the length of the party,
the size of the menu, the items on the menu and then we weigh, measure,
and add a little more for good measure.
Our method for pricing is similar.  It's all calculated very carefully.
We multiply the quantity of food planned, by our actual cost of the food.  Industry
standards allow for a certain recommended food cost. The "mark-up" reflects the costs
of creating the event other than the actual cost of the food.
Some examples of the other costs reflected in the price include our
health board approved commercial kitchen and warehouse, the utilities,
the equipment maintenance, the costs of insurances to include liability, disability,
workmen's compensation, the catering vehicles expense to include vehicle
maintenance, fuel and insurance, the health board permit fee, our excellent staff
and so much more. Like we said, clearly, entertaining is not cheap!
As you begin to plan your event, make an effort to establish a budget.
Feel free to share your budget with us. Once we have an idea of what you're looking
to spend, we can guide you in a direction that might be fitting for your budget.
We will also let you know if your budget isn't realistic based on the details of your
event. From there, it is typically a series of give and take. 
We willl help you figure out the ways to make the best use of your entertaining
dollars. Let's put the money where it will most impact your guests.
If we must sacrifice something, let's sacrifice something that nobody will miss.
We are the experts in this department.Let us help you make those determinations.
Staffing is a vital part of creating a successful event. Our staff is top-notch.
They are very well trained, committed and responsible. Their goal is to create
a seamless event and make sure your guests have a great time. 
Great staff doesn't come cheap...but, boy are they worth it.
A 20& catering fee compensates the staff, as well as defraying the other expenses
associated with executing the event. Gratuities are not expected, but always greatly
appreciated. In fact you could say a gratuity is like the frosting on the cake.
Very sweet! do you pay for all this expertise and professionalism?
Once an event is booked, we require a $1000 deposit to confirm the date.
Approximately two months before your party the balance of a 50% deposit is
required. Final payment is due at or prior to the event. 
Remember, as you select a caterer they need to become your partner for your event.
They need to work with your best interest in mind.  They need to guide, offer
suggestions and see your event through from the planning stages all the way to
responding to your guests rave reviews and compliments.
Tasteful Connections does that every day!

To learn more about how Tasteful Connections Catering can help make your next catered affair an event to remember, get in touch today. We can be reached by phone at 585-467-4400 or via email through our website’s secure contact form.