One of the best things about Tasteful Connections Catering is that you can call and speak to a real live person during business hours! You don't have to press a bunch of buttons, just dial 585 467 4400 and we answer.

If you are too busy to call, you're burning the midnight oil or you just don't want feel like speaking to a person we have compiled a list of our frequently asked questions for your convenience.


Q: How much will it cost to cater my .........(event)?
A: It depends. All of our menus are online with pricing and that will give you some idea on food pricing but there are other things to consider. For full service events (with staffing) there is a 20% catering fee. There is a separate charge if you would like the food delivered and set up. Please refer to our "Stuff Your Caterer Needs to Know" for guidelines on pricing.
Q: What is included in the menu?
A: All of the food listed on the menu, disposable plates, napkins, flatware and utensils to serve the food are included. Service or delivery and tax is additional.
Q: Are beverages included?
A: We do not include beverage in most of our menus. If it is not listed it is not included.
Q: Is gratuity included?
A: No it is not included and it is not required. We certainly appreciate it when you show your gratitude with monetary compensation but we leave that to your discretion.
Q: Can I provide some of my own food?
A: If we are staffing your event we do not allow any perishable food to be available while we are serving. If we are only delivering it, you are welcome to do anything you like.


Q: Do  you accept credit cards?
A: Yes we accept all major credit cards.
Q: Is there a discount for paying cash?
A: No....although other service providers may do this for various reasons we do not. We give you our best pricing up front.
Q: Do you need a deposit?
A: Yes, please! $1000 is required to reserve the date if you are booking more than two months in advance. Otherwise a 50% deposit is required. Balance is due the day of the event.
Q: Is the deposit refundable.
A: No, you may use it towards a future event if you cancel with a minimum of 7 days advance notice. If the planning of your event incurs up front costs that we must pay in advance, we will deduct that from your deposit before applying it to any future events.
Q: Can you bill us?
A? For many of our corporate clientele that use our services on a regular basis we have direct billing set up. Please contact us for further information.
Q: Can we use our tax exempt status?
A: Yes, absolutely. If you are tax exempt please provide us with a valid tax exempt certificate (ST-119). Payment MUST come from the company/organization listed on the tax exempt certificate. You cannot pay from a personal account.

Event Details

Q: When is the final count due?
A: The final count is due 6 (business) days prior to the event. We try to be as flexible as possible though. If your count increases after you provide your final count we will do everything we can to accomodate additional guests. Don't turn anyone away!
Q: When is the deadline to make changes to my menu?
A: Please finalize your menu when you finalize your contract. We recognize that some things may be out of your control and we will do everything we can to accomodate last minute requests, however please recognize that some things are out of our control as well.


Q: Can you provide a bar?
A: Yes, we can provide a bar complete with a liquor permit. We require a signed contract and permission with the facility a minimum of 30 days prior to your event.
Q: Can you bartend if we provide our own liquor?
A: Yes, as long as the venue does not require a liquor permit we can provide a bartender.
Q: Is the bartender licensed and insured?
A: No, the bartender is professionally trained but they are not individually licensed or insured. If we provide the bar liquor liability insurance is included.
Q: Can you serve my donated product?
A: Yes we can serve it but we can NOT serve it along side a bar with a permit or sell it.


Q: Do you have a health permit?
A: Of course! We carry all the appropriate permits and insurance policies, including liability, workers comp and disability. Before you ask, yes we can provide you with proof of policy documents. Our staff is also trained and ServSafe certified.
Q: Do I need an event permit?
A: Different venues, events with live entertainment and events open to the public do require special permits. It is best to inquire with the town or city in advance.

To learn more about how Tasteful Connections Catering can help make your next catered affair an event to remember, get in touch today. We can be reached by phone at 585-467-4400 or via email through our website’s secure contact form.