Don’t let the details and stress of planning an event overwhelm you.
You have already found a great caterer!
Executing a carefree event is easy (with our help)!

First determine the basics.
Who are you inviting? Why are you planning the event? Where will it be held?
When will it be held, what day, what time and how long will it be?
Just by answering these few questions
you will be well on your way to planning the ideal menu.

The next step is where it gets serious...
Budget – yes we went there – what is your budget?
You don’t shop for a car, a house or even shoes without a budget;
so why would you shop for catering without one?
Don’t be afraid to share; we want to help you maximize your dollars
and expedite the planning process for you.
Our experienced catering consultants can make recommendations,
customize a menu and assist you in every aspect
of planning a cost-effective and memorable event.

Then, let the fun begin!
Choose a theme or scheme for your event.
Choosing a theme will provide inspiration for you and our event planners.
A theme will also help you make decisions regarding invitations,
décor, linens, activities, the menu and more.
Those details are what make a party an Event.
Attention to details will leave a memorable impression on your guests
and ensure that your event is the highlight of the year.

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