Insider Tips to Make it a Success On Your Terms

If there’s one thing your employees will remember from the office holiday party, it’s the food. Good or bad, the food is one of the most memorable parts of any event you host for the workplace. Make sure your employees have positive memories of the occasion by finding the perfect catering company in Rochester, NY. Tasteful Connections is the city’s top caterer. We want your holiday office party to succeed! Use these insider tips to make your event is a smash hit, on your terms.

Catering Your Office Holiday Party Rochester NY

Decide Your Budget Beforehand

Don’t let a catering company blow your budget way out of proportion after it’s too late to take back your deposit. Establish a hard budget before even discussing your options with a caterer. Find out exactly what you’re willing to spend on the holiday office party, coming up with a desired price as well as an absolute highest price. Then, enter into negotiations with the caterer knowing your budget. That will help you find the right food for the right price.

Find a Company With a Variety of Options

Hire a caterer with a variety of service and food options. The theme, tone, and extravagance of the event will remain in your control. Tasteful Connections works closely with corporations to discover the exact details that are ideal for the situation. We offer catering services ranging from small, intimate breakfasts to mega celebrations for over 1,000 guests. A caterer with flexibility and scalability can tailor your services according to what you want.

Schedule a Taste Test

Ask a catering candidate for a taste test before you sign a contract. Judge things like food quality and flavors for yourself, before the big day. A company that refuses to let you sample the food could trap you into paying for food most of your employees won’t like. Make your office holiday party the event of the year with help from Tasteful Connections. We let you design your catering services on your terms!