What’s a Caterer to Do Part 15
Holy Moly, Part 15? Considering I send out a few thoughts every week and a half or two, is it possible that we’ve been doing this covid dance for 21 weeks? Unbelievable!!! There’s that word again… No other way to say it. Can’t even believe it. We’re pushing ½ a year here. This has been a life-changer, a game-changer, a people-changer. UGH! I’m sick of it. I want our old life back! You?
So, here’s a few crazy reflections to ponder. We went to church. Not our church, but an actual neighboring church that has a low-key worship outside. Sitting outside with the sun peeking through the trees, basking in the warm breeze, in communion with others felt so good. I doubt that we knew anyone there, but who would know with the masked faces and the sunglassed eyes. The message spoke about hospitality and humility. You know the story. The one about not taking the best seat at the table, but sitting far away from the host in a lesser seat. If the host wants you to have a better seat, you will be invited to move closer. Be unassuming and modest. That’s kind of like us as hospitality professionals. We make things happen, many times without anyone noticing. We stand in the wings, we move about many times unnoticed, we’re almost invisible and we only accept recognition and praise if it is thrust upon us. We’re humble and we don’t need much to keep us going. We know when we’ve done a good job! That is our best reward.
I heard somewhere that we are losing 2 minutes of daylight a day. That’s a bit daunting! That means we lose an hour of daylight a month. A couple more months and our days will be as short as our nights. I don’t look forward to that at all. So you’re probably wondering how we keep our energy up while working in the kitchen? We listen to ABBA and QUEEN. Kind of an odd combination but interspersed with a little Chicago, a little jazz and a little Billy Joel help us keep going whether we are on a solo shift or are lucky enough to have a buddy or two. As I was watching the news the other day (trying to limit to ½ hour per day) I noticed that many of the people interviewing and being interviewed remind me of cartoon characters. They have exaggerated features. It’s a bit comical if you think about it, and it keeps a lighter spin on what is frequently disturbing,unsettling updates.
I was thinking the other day that in life if you find someone as a business partner or life partner that has gifts that complement your own, that is an enormous blessing. We’re good on our own, but if we have the good fortune of pairing up with someone that excels in areas that we don’t, whether business or personal, it allows both parties to be that much better as a unit. I hope you have someone like that in your life, and if you do, hold tight and never let them go. I’m lucky! I have a business partner, my dear sister Eileen, that tolerates and maybe even enjoys dealing with tasks that send me running, screaming. My husband is the same on the home front. He has zero or less interest in doing the things around the house that I thrive at, and likewise I have no talent or expertise in the tasks where he thrives.
So you’re probably wondering why the non-catering work ramblings. I went on vacation, down to Keuka Lake for a few days and the combination of warmth, sunshine, water, waves, great food and of course, drinks, playing games and catching up with family put me in a very good mood. I’m still enjoying the vacation high and I’ll try to retain this feeling for as long as possible. Once I’m jolted back into reality contemplating the present and future of the catering industry in this crazy time, I’ll be back in touch with some riveting
updates and feedback. But in the meantime, let’s all enjoy August with the beautiful summer weather, fresh- picked local produce, long walks, amazing sunsets, and day trips around our beautiful region. Stay healthy and happy, and remember, we’re in this together.
Xoxo Sandra


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